• Quote by Mark Nickerson

    EMDR therapy can be used to address any inaccurately stored and emotionally charged experiences and perceptions.

    This means it can be used to target prejudice, both external and internalized.

    Sometimes these prejudices are an automatic thought we have and can’t seem to get rid of, no matter how ‘woke’ we get. This is because in our society, there is a ton of reinforcement in media and socially for these prejudices.

    And research that simple exposure to those whom we are prejudiced against does not change how we react on emotional or intellectual level.

    That is why we have to get beyond talk therapy and cognitive interventions. We have to target those experiences where we learned these prejudices and change how we have that information stored in memory. That is why EMDR therapy can be a powerful tool in this regard, it gets beyond what we know in our head and targets what we feel in our hearts and in our bodies.

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