• Do you ever wonder why mindfulness is so popular among therapists?

    It’s because it can be an incredible tool for healing. It is a powerful tool that all of us could learn to utilize more.

    And it is difficult for most of us to put into practice. This world is not set up to encourage us to be present and mindful, it is full of distractions and ways to check out.

    This is part of the reason that it can be so hard for us to make this a practice. But there are so many positives you can gain, that the effort is worth it.

    As the quote above suggests, mindfulness can help depressed folks/x be more compassionate with their brain’s negative way of thinking, and not have to attach to that thinking or over-identify with it.

    For anxious people it helps them learn to be in this moment, without judgement. Judgement is a key feature of anxiety – judging how horrible the future is going to be, how terrible our behavior was in the past, etc. So learning to let go of judgement can be quite healing.

    For those with PTSD, they often do not understand or judge the way their bodies or brains are reacting, and mindfulness can again help in learning to let go of those criticisms of themselves and their bodies.

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