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    Shedding the past is easy for some but not for others. And for trauma survivors it can feel nearly impossible.

    As impossible as it may seem, it is vital in healing to shed that past. It may mean shedding old, unhealthy relationships with family and friends.

    It may mean shedding images of who you thought you were (bad, wrong, weird) or who you hoped to be.

    It will mean shedding the expectations society, your family and your faith may have placed on you.

    It will require unpacking and unlearning all the unhealthy messages you were given about your various layers of identity (gender, sexuality, race, class, ability, etc).

    Shedding the past is not about forgetting it or denying it. We have to learn to look at the past with a balanced view of ourselves, take what we need from it and forge ahead.

    If you are finding that this is hard for you to do, EMDR therapy may be the thing that will unlock your brain so that shedding the past is possible.

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