• Carl Jung Quote

    I just got back from an incredible, intensive training in EMDR, Complex PTSD and Dissociation and this quote is really speaking to me.

    No one’s life is pain free, but the pain present from growing up in a family that is neglectful, chaotic, or toxic is magnified. And I don’t think we can be truly conscious without acknowledging and facing the pain of our past, the pain of our present, or the pain of the world we live in. But trying to avoid, ignore or deny this pain does not make for a better life or a better world. Often this denial leads to dissociation and cutting off of vital aspects of the past or experience.

    Trauma work can be quite painful at times, but living with the unprocessed weight of that past is also painful. The work of therapy is to help people use that pain to become better versions of themselves. It is about making the darkness conscious, making peace with the darkness of our past and the darkness that we all carry with us.

    EMDR Therapy can be a quite efficient tool for moving through that pain.

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