• Celebrate Bisexuals Day

    This is a day that is meant to bring visibility to the bisexual community who are too often lost in the discussion of LGBTQIA+ issues. Bisexual still face discrimination and bias from both the heterosexual and the homosexual communities.

    According to the CDC approximately 0.8-1.75% of the US population identifies as bisexual and bisexuals make up about half of the LGB community.

    Here are some facts about bisexuals:

    Bisexuals face a significant amount of employment discrimination – including biphobic jokes and harassment and denials for promotion due to their sexual orientation

    Almost 60% of bisexual women suffer anxiety and mood disorders, a rate that is twice that of their heterosexual peers.

    More than half of LGBT youth identify as bisexual.

    People of color are more likely to identify as bisexual than white people.

    These statistics are drawn from the Movement Advancement Project’s ‘Invisible Majority’ report.

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