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    Close Some Doors

    Humans are hard wired to be social, this is due to our attachment system as newborns. But not all relationships are healthy, rewarding or worthy of us.

    Family relationships are complex and difficult at times. When you have grown up in unsupportive, neglectful, dysfunctional or chaotic family, it can be difficult to know what is an appropriate level of contact and involvement your family should have in your life.

    If family or friends continually make you feel bad or violate your boundaries and seem to have no interest in making changes then it might be time to consider how to structure the relationship so you are no longer hurt (less contact, brief phone calls or just seeing family at church). And sometimes that means closing a door, not in anger but in acknowledgement that there is nothing but pain and unhappiness there.

    You deserve love and respect in all your relationships!

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