• Closing out 2020


    As this year comes to a close, I am grateful. Honestly, I am just grateful for this year to be over and I am cautiously optimistic that 2021 will be better.

    It would be easy to slip into listing all the things I am grateful to be leaving behind, but I’d rather take a look at the positives from this year.

    This was my first full year out on my own in private practice. I am grateful that despite the pandemic I have had a successful year. I moved out of my old office and into one where I get a beautiful, expansive view of the ocean as I drive in. I am one block from a park overlooking the ocean. I have seen some amazing sunsets.

    I am grateful that I am computer savvy enough that moving to 100% on-line for therapy was not terrible. I even helped roll out a Basic EMDR training on the internet with EMDR Readiness Academy. I feel incredibly grateful to have found a group of such amazing, smart, and caring women and therapists.

    Another thing I am grateful for is taking the chance to step into a mentoring and teaching role, both with the Basic EMDR training, and also as I work on developing my own training for therapists to give them a foundation for working with trans and non-binary individuals. I hope to have that coming out in 2021.

    I am grateful to have finally fulfilled a long-time dream of getting a dog and training her to be a therapy dog. Sadie is one of the best things from this year.

    I hope that moving forward we can all work together to start rebuilding our communities and taking better care of one another.


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