• Definition of TERF

    TERF is an acronym for those people who are trans exclusionary radical feminists.

    In other words, these are feminists who are transphobic and do not consider trans women to be women. Just because women have been oppressed by a patriarchal society and faced discrimination, does not mean that women are immune to the effects of other forms of discrimination and oppression.

    You may have seen this term come up recently with the backlash against author JK Rowling. TERFs are typically women who fear having people they believe to be male in female only spaces and see trans women as somehow threatening the feminist movement. However, viewing trans women as men is transphobia.

    Intersectional feminists like myself view the fight for women’s rights and equality to be a fight for ALL women. And transgender women are women. And the lives of black women and black trans women matter. And the rights of Muslim and immigrant women are human rights.

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