• Derealization


    Derealization is a form of dissociation. As noted above, it is when there is a sense of unreality or a disconnection from the world around you.

    It is an experience in which perceptions may seem to lack vividness, as seen through a fog, or as though they lack depth and seem two-dimensional. A person’s surroundings may suddenly feel unreal or unfamiliar.

    Although these experiences are not often talked about, approximately half of all people will experience at least one episode of derealization or depersonalization in their lifetime.

    These experiences are often associated with anxiety and is sometimes caused by the use of certain drugs or medications. It is also associated with a history of attachment trauma. Although most experiences of derealization are brief and transitory, they can be quite distressing.

    Treatment will depend on the cause of the derealization and often therapy is recommended along with the teaching of grounding skills.

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