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    DID Awareness Day

    Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness day is happening this year on March 4. The aim is to reduce stigma and increase awareness and compassion for individuals with this diagnosis.

    This year the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISST-D.org) will be holding a public webinar that day to discuss resources and how to support those who have DID.

    This is important because often the only point of reference for this disorder are fantastical or exaggerated examples provided in movies and tv, where the person with DID is often the bad guy.

    In reality, these are people who have often been through significant trauma, we believe the basis of which happens in infancy, and splitting was the only way that their brain could cope with what they were faced.

    These are survivors who have a lot to work through and who can use all the help, support and compassion that we can share with them.

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