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    8/6 quote So much hurt and pain is caused by the beliefs we hold onto about who we are supposed to be. So much of that comes from dysfunctional messages from our society and the media. If I could give everyone one thing to improve the world it would be to let go of all of the shoulds we carry with us. Lay those down, be free to love yourself, right now.

    So much pain and hurt is caused by dysfuctional expectations and beliefs.

    We hold onto ideas of where we are supposed to be in our lives, what we should have accomplished by a certain age or regretting past decisions we should have made differently.

    We hold ourselves to impossible beauty standards, or parenting standards, or standards of achievement.

    We tell ourselves that we should be different than we are or love differently than we do.

    And all of these shoulds and messages about who we should be simply function to perpetuate our pain and suffering. It is not until we can lay these burdens down that we can truly begin healing and accepting who we are, right now.

    However, that looks for you, I encourage you to start questioning these messages and standards we hold ourselves to. Do these standards truly align with who you are and your values and how you want to show up in the world?

    If not, maybe it’s time to lay those standards aside.

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