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    One question I commonly hear from people is how talking about the past is going to help. Nothing can change the past and so it is hard for them to conceive that doing therapy around the issue could possibly change how they feel.

    From the EMDR therapy perspective, the problem is not that the traumatic event happened, it is how it got stored in the brain that causes issues. And EMDR therapy can help change how that memory is stored, so that it is no longer triggering, overwhelming or distressing. It can be viewed as just another even in the story of your life. In this way, the person will no longer be triggered in the present.

    Then we turn our focus to the future, so that clients can develop a plan of action and sense of competence if/when they face issues related to this work in the future.

    I am passionate about helping people let go of the pain of their past, live more fully in the present and develop hope for the future.

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