• EMDR Myth

    This is one of the most common misconceptions I find with EMDR, and it’s a biggie.

    EMDR is a style of therapy just as CBT is, or psychoanalysis is a type of therapy.

    Therefore, we ARE actually doing EMDR from the first interaction. It informs how I do my assessment, and what I ask about and the way I think about a case. It informs the resources we build for coping.

    When people think of ‘doing’ EMDR they are thinking of when we do the memory reprocessing. But there are many other ways that we use the lights, tapping or tones.

    I know there is often a lot of anxiety and push to get to the memory reprocessing piece, but every aspect of the work is important so that when we get to the memory reprocessing it is as successful as possible.

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