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    Feel to Heal

    Feelings are an important part of the human experience. However, depending on how a person is raised they may have difficulty with expressing emotions, feeling all emotions, or feeling certain emotions.

    When there has been developmental or complex trauma from growing up in an abusive, neglectful, chaotic or toxic home, then feelings can be tricky to navigate. Often times kids growing up like this are not taught to tolerate strong emotions and can develop unhealthy coping strategies for these feelings.

    I often hear from my clients how they do not want to feel their feelings. It is scary. They are afraid of being overwhelmed by emotion. All of these are understandable given how they were raised, but it is not a healthy way to go through life.

    When we to stuff or deny feelings they fester and become toxic. They are likely to break through in ways that the person has even less control of or comfort with. They can also lead to physical problems and inflammatory diseases of all kinds.

    You can learn to feel your feelings to heal. It takes time, practice, and compassion, but it is certainly possible. My goal is to help people let go of the pain of their past, live more fully in the present, and develop hope for the future.

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