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    Gender Identity vs Sexual Orientation

    Gender identity and sexual orientation are not the same things.

    Gender identity is who we know ourselves to be, as it relates to our gender. It is an internal sense. This internal sense MAY result in a corresponding gender presentation. But it does not have to be expressed to be valid.

    Sexual orientation on the other hand, is who we are attracted to in a romantic or sexual way.

    Knowing someone’s gender identity tells you nothing about their sexual orientation

    It is wise to not make assumptions about sexual orientation based on gender identity and vice versa. Just as it is unwise to make an assumption about a person’s sexual orientation simply based on their current partner.

    It is natural and normal for our brains to want to classify and categorize people, it may feel uncomfortable to sit with the unknown. But the world will be a more warm and welcoming place to be in if we can learn to sit with that discomfort.

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