• Grounding with Sight

    In previous posts we have gone over grounding using smell, taste, and touch. Today we will go over grounding by sight.

    Grounding skills help reorient you to the present to the here-and-now. They are vitals tools to have when you deal with anxiety, flashbacks and dissociation.

    Look around your current, actual physical environment and name (out loud or in your head) 3 red things that you see. It is important to actually stop to do the naming, so that you are really taking a moment to notice the red thing you are naming.

    Then do the same thing with 3 orange things, then yellow, then green, then blue and finally 3 purple things that you see.

    Then check in with yourself, how are you doing? Are you more connected to and in the present moment? If so great, if not, try something else to ground yourself.

    Obviously, this exercise uses the idea of a rainbow as an easy way to remember the skill. I like this because it may make it easier to remember the skills and what you are supposed to do.

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