• Healing

    Often one of the things I hear from people is the drive to constantly be doing and accomplishing.

    Sometimes this is due to cultural values. But sometimes this is a trauma reaction.

    The person does not want to slow down or have alone time as then they are no longer distracted from the demeaning voice in their head, or a review of past failures and hurts.

    Although initially this drive can lead to accomplishments, eventually it will burn the person out. These are folks who work and ignore the needs of their bodies and often end up developing inflammatory diseases. These are folks who may start using and abusing drugs so that they can escape everything going on in their heads.

    This drive is understandable because it is part of the fight/flight/freeze/collapse response. They are trying desperately to fly away from themselves and their pasts.

    Ultimately this is not possible. Pausing ourselves in the moment and learning to do so on a regular basis helps in healing. Neither the body nor the mind can heal if it is not allowed to rest. This is why sleep is essential in healing. This is why there is such an emphasis on things like meditation and slowing the breathing down. It is about training your body how to pause.

    The biggest pause in some respects is the therapy process itself. It is taking time out of your ‘regular’ life to sit and be with yourself and your past in a way that is healing and productive.

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