• Hey Survivor

    As I look around the world, as I look at what is going on locally and nationally, as I look at what is going on with my clients I am heartbroken, and moved and awed, and angered and exhausted.

    If that is how I am feeling, I know that it is just a sliver of what those I work with are feeling. I hear how hard survivors work to pick up the pieces, to understand what has happened and why.

    I see how strong they can be and how tired of having to be strong they are.  I see you. I see your struggle.

    May you find somewhere to let down your guard and just be. Whether it is in therapy, with your partner, within a community. You deserve rest. You deserve to be seen and believed.

    You deserve the time and space to fall apart before having to put yourself back together again. My wish for you is that you find the space you need.

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