• Hispanic Heritage Month


    September 15 to October 15 marks Hispanic Heritage month.

    The date of September 15 is significant as it is the anniversary of independence for a number of Latin American countries and a variety of other independence anniversaries fall in this 30 day period.

    It is important to remember that there are approximately 62 million people that this term encompasses and so there are a large variety and complexity of people, identity, language and cultures that are covered.

    Naturally, this has led to some variation and debate about the best terms to use and so if you swipe through the images above, you will see some of those terms defined.

    As with any other terms for peoples’ identities, it is important to ask someone how they identify and not assume, and that each person is the expert on their identity, and you should not argue with or debate that with them.

    Whatever the label, it is important to lift up and celebrate the beauty and achievements of these people. And it is important not to white-wash this history or minimizing the struggles and oppression these folks have faced.

    Even more important is to call out news or other media sources and friends who reduce this month long celebration to wearing sombreros and/or ponchos, faking a terrible accent, or talking about Tequila or Mexican food.

    Source: History.com, NPR and the LA Times

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