• How to Support those with Mental Health Issues

    Sometimes it is hard to know how to help those who are struggling with mental health issues. Sometimes people don’t want to mess it up or offend so they stay silent, and that is not helpful.

    First and foremost is just being a listening ear. Don’t assume that the person wants or needs you to fix the situation for them. Being able to honestly share what they are going through in and of itself is support and can help ease their burden.

    If you want to offer advice or share what has worked for you, it’s probably best to ask. Sometimes folks get tired of all the well-meaning advice of others and just want to be heard. Sometimes they really do want or need some guidance. It’s always a best practice to ask. Ask if there is something that you could do for them, often they may not know but sometimes they will.

    And finally, it is important to remember that when struggling with mental health and with the stigma around it, it can be incredibly hard for folks to reach out and ask for help or support. Part of what we need to start doing is reaching out to one another and checking in. Be proactive and don’t wait for them to reach out, because maybe right now they can’t.

    Ultimately, we need to end the stigma and be there for one another. Sometimes loving someone with mental health becomes a challenge in and of itself. Make sure you get the support that you need as well.

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