• It takes courage to feel

    Human being are wired to feel emotions. However, in our culture, we get so many messages about which emotions are okay to express and feel and which are not.

    Many make the error of believing that just because our emotions are not always logical or based in reality, that this means they are invalid and should not be expressed.

    But all emotions are valid because the person feeling them is valid. That does not mean that what we feel is the only thing to consider, but it is an important piece of the human experience and when denied can lead to many chronic, inflammatory diseases.  ] In psychology we often talk about dis-ease, when the body is not at ease there is a reason for it and we must pay attention.

    On the other side of things, some people are too quick to act and react to emotions as the truth of a situation. But that is not any more healthy or balanced than cutting off emotions. Just because a person feels hurt and rejected, does not necessarily mean that they have been rejected. They may have been triggered in the present by past rejection. Once again, emotions are a valid piece of the pie, but not the whole pie itself.

    Often the messages we get about emotions are learned before we even realize it and therefore can really require a professional to help unpack and unlearn.

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