• Jessica Ortner Quote

    When was the last time you had loving, appreciative thoughts towards your body? My guess is no, so many of us have poor relationships with and opinions of our bodies. This is often due to societal or family messages about who we should be or how we should look.

    We are often taught in this culture to keep pushing through pain, to ignore the needs of our bodies. We ignore our bodies and punish them for years until we get older and/or our body starts having chronic health issues.

    And then when there is any type of trauma added to the mix, the estrangement from the body is often more intense.  There is often a learned need to ignore the body because of the trauma which can result in a intense lack of awareness of one’s physical needs and limits.

    But your body houses your mind and your soul. It has carried you through every day until today. And maybe if you can learn to love and thank your body for it’s service, you will learn to take better care of it and will reap the rewards.

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