• Let Trans Kids Play

    There have been way too many legislative attempt to prevent trans girls in particular from playing sports this year, 30 and counting so far this year.

    First of all, trans girls are girls. Full stop.

    Secondly, this is not even an actual issue. The vast majority of girls playing girls sports are cisgender girls, as are the ones who win.

    Thirdly, the worry that trans girls have an unfair advantage is not based in science, only in fear. Studies of testosterone in athletes do not show a clear and consistent advantage given with more testosterone.

    Lastly, this is just more of the same intersections of transphobia, white supremacy, and patriarchy.  Which girls are going to be targeted the most using these proposed laws? It certainly isn’t going to be white girls.

    I stand with @PinkMantaRay in saying let trans girls play sports. Let’s get out there and help defeat these bills. To learn more visit TransAthlete.com or HRC.org.

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