• Maybe it’s not a backslide

    This is a theme that’s been coming up a lot lately with my folks. They are feeling down, overwhelmed and maybe even hopeless. They are upset because they feel like they have had a backslide in their progress and start questioning themselves.

    But then when we really break it down and look at things, what becomes clear is that there have been a number of serious stressor and problems that have arisen in their lives and they are having an understandably difficult time. They are not the issue; their life circumstances are.

    Typically, when I ask them how they would have been handling or responding to the situation a few months or years ago, they often reply, that they are coping much better than they would have. My sense is that if they are going through this, then others might too and would benefit from a gentle reminder.

    Keep your chin up, I bet you are handling things better than you are giving yourself credit for!

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