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    NAMI Campaign: Why Care?

    National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is promoting a Why Care campaign this month to help raise mental health awareness and reduce the stigma.

    So here are some of the reasons that I care:

    Because suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US.

    Because too many people have traumatic experiences growing up and often in their home. And if we could eliminate adverse childhood experiences the rates of anxiety would be reduced by 56% and life dissatisfaction and suicide would be reduced by 67%. Because 30-50% of transgender teens report attempting suicide and 42% of non-binary youth, reported a suicide attempt.

    I care because I know caring makes a difference. When transgender youth have supportive parents, studies show that the depression rate drops from 75% to 23% and the attempted suicide rate drops from 57% to 4%. I know that getting into therapy and getting on medications can help. Going to support groups can help. Talking to family and friends can help. Getting involved in activities to improve your physical health can help (exercise, acupuncture, yoga, dance). We can make a difference, each one of us, we can be kinder and more supportive to one another and we can encourage each other to get the help that we need.

    Crisis Resources:
    San Diego Crisis line ‪888-724-7240‬
    Trans Lifeline ‪877-565-8860‬

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