• Polyamory

    Polyamory is the philosophy or experience of being in love or romantically involved with more than one person at the same time. Despite the fact that this is not the standard relationship form in our society, that does not mean that it is inherently unhealthy. It simply means that it is unusual. Due to the inherent complexity that comes with these types of relationships, it is important that there are very open and explicit conversations about each person’s needs, roles, and wants in the relationship. These types of conversations are incredibly healthy and often do not happen in a ‘normal’ monogamous relationship between two individuals. In that sense these relationships can actually be healthier and can serve as a good example of the types of communication that might benefit any and all relationship styles. If you are looking for a therapist that understands that your relationship structure is different but does not see it as wrong or unhealthy because of that difference, then check out the link to my website in my bio.

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