• Pride 2019

    Happy Pride weekend!

    I am so excited as this is the first year I will be getting to participate in the parade. I know that the first Pride was a riot. I know that it is not about commercially bought rainbows and merchandise. I also know how important it is to show up in a visible way as a cisgender heterosexual ally and make myself visible in support of my fellow LGBTQIA+ humans.

    And so I want to share this quote with you from one of the cast members of Glee, Chris Colfer. For anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community who needs to hear it, today and every day: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! Whether you are in or out of the closet. Whether you know how you want to define yourself or not. Whatever your family or religion or society has told you, you are not the problem. Be strong, and if you need to be weak, find the safe places to be weak. Find a good therapist, find a good group of friends. Find your tribe. They are out there!

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