• Pride 2020

    I expect that there is a fair amount of disappointment regarding the loss of Pride activities this year in light of COVID.

    I know that I am sorry that I won’t get to march and show my support of the entire queer community. Because that is why I march.

    And I realize that it has become a big commercial enterprise for many corporations and institutions.

    But remember that the Stonewall Uprising that kicked off the modern version of the civil rights movement for the LGBTQIA+ community was instigated mostly by people of color and trans people of color. It as about revolution and speaking truth to power.

    These are the same things we are fighting for again in our communities, but now we are finally centering the needs of our black and brown community members.

    So just because the parade has been cancelled does not mean that the spirit of pride is cancelled. There is still much to fight for.

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