• PSA: Normalize

    Alright, a frequent question that I get from people is why I have my pronouns listed when I am not trans, or why I may use the term partner for my husband.

    So, lets tackle the pronouns question first. If we normalize giving pronouns at the time, we introduce ourselves, we make it normal for others to give us theirs. If we only give or ask for pronouns when we believe someone is trans, non-binary, etc. then we are outing the person as ‘other.’ This is dangerous for gender diverse folx and especially black and brown gender diverse folx.

    The same thing goes for my using the term partner for my husband even though we are a heterosexual couple. If only homosexual people use partner, then we are again making it so that they are outing themselves, which can be quite dangerous.

    I try to use my privilege to make a safer, more inclusive world for others. It requires very little effort on my part and my hope is that it makes a good bit of difference.

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