• Pretty is not the rent you pay

    Let’s say it one more time ladies, pretty is not the rent you pay to exist in this world. It’s absolutely okay for you to want to be pretty, it is not okay for you to feel you HAVE to be pretty. It is not okay for others to expect you to be pretty in order to treat you with respect. It is okay to wear pretty as a mask at times, as long as you put that mask down when you need to. There are industries built on telling us we are not pretty enough. But so what? Why do we have to be pretty? Pretty doesn’t bring happiness or make you a better person. We need different goals for ourselves as women. It is okay to ugly cry, to rage, not to smile, to get down in the dirt. Your soul is beautiful just the way it is! Surround yourself with others who will validate you and value you just as you are. And if you find you have a hard time seeing your own value, maybe it’s time to get into some therapy.

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