• Quote about change

    This is so true, isn’t it?

    Healing and growth are totally like this. This is why, periodically stopping to actually look back and admire how much growth has happened is incredibly important.

    That is why bringing attention to those small changes as they occur in therapy is so important. It is not uncommon for client’s to be dismissive when I do this, they don’t want the small changes, they want to see the big changes.

    This is totally understandable and yet those big changes are built on the smaller ones. That is why each small change deserves celebration and attention.

    Besides, this helps keep people motivated and hopeful for their future possibilities. If we only focus on the things that still need changing it tends to feel very negative and judgmental.

    Remember you can do this to for ones you love as you see them take small steps towards their larger goals. Give them praise, help them see it, help them celebrate.

    Photo by Firaaz Hisyari obtained from Pexels

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