• Quote by Abraham Maslow

    Every day, every moment offers us a choice point. That is the beauty and the struggle.

    Strangely safety is not always a good thing, especially in personal growth. We often find familiarity to be comfortable and safe, even when it is painful or toxic.

    A lot of folks I work with who come from toxic, abusive, or neglectful homes don’t always know what direction to go and feel like it is overwhelming to really look at their lives and all the ways they want to change. So, it can be really helpful to try to simply things.

    Using this as a reference point, reflect on what decision seems to represent growth and what decision seems to represent playing it safe. And although much of life is complicated and this won’t always apply, it can be a useful guidepost as a way of trying to help shift your thinking and support your efforts to make healthier choices.

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