• Quote by Adrienne Maree

    This pretty much sums up the therapy process when doing trauma work. It can often feel like things get worse before they get better. This is because so often what we are doing in therapy is going back into our histories and revisiting some of the most painful events. It is like we are surgeons opening an old would that did not heal properly and cleaning it out and then closing it back up so that it can heal properly.

    So, take heart, it is often that we are finally uncovering truths that need to be looked at and held up to the open air. It can certainly be painful. This is one of the reasons that I like doing EMDR Therapy because with this type of therapy we can move healing along faster than traditional therapy approaches. This does not mean that the work is done fast, but it seems to be completed at an accelerated rate compared to traditional talk therapy approaches.

    This quote was originally in reference to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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