• Quote by Aerosmith

    It is a very common experience in therapy that clients want to jump to the end, to get to the point where they are healed. The point where they can do the thing, or let go of the thing.

    And who can blame them? They are tired of the hurt, the dysfunction, the denial that they are living in.

    But this attitude of wanting to skip the hard part is a very American, very human desire. But the only way is to go through the tough parts. Often it is this desire to skip the hard stuff that has led to other issues, such as addiction.

    And many times, it is only after such attempts have failed do they come in for help. A therapist can ‘hold your hand’ through the process which helps ease the experience. But you still have to learn to crawl first. You can’t skip to the anger and hurt to get to the forgiveness part.

    You have to go through it, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Find a good therapist and get to learning to crawl and one day you will be dancing.

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