• Quote by Alison Kafer

    One thing that this pandemic has brought home strongly to me, is how little attention or care we give to people with disabilities.

    I have heard a lot about people with pre-existing conditions being more at risk of COVID, but not really about what we are doing to protect the health of those people.

    Did you know approximately 60% of people who have died from COVID have been disabled?

    Did you know that hospitals hardest hit by COVID have come up with triage plans for care in which they will only treat those most likely to recover from COVID? I understand the need for a triage plan and making hard decisions. But another way of looking at this is that disabled people are seen as more disposable and less important.

    It is our disabled community members who have been hardest hit and who suffer as they watch people act as though community safety and well-being are not important.

    Check on your friends and neighbors, do what you can for them and educate yourself. Ask yourself why these attitudes are acceptable in this society.  We need to do better for each other.

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