• Quote by Alison Malee

    I am loving this trend of seeing t-shirts and coffee mugs saying in a world where you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind. Some of the kindest, warmest, and most loving people I have ever met are the folks I work with who have experienced trauma and abuse, because they know and understand on a level few others can what a difference kindness can make.

    So it may be cliché, but when you can, choose kindness. We are all suffering our own hurts and wounds we do not show. To be met by kindness can be such a healing and life affirming experience. Something so easy, and free can make all the difference in the world. So choose kindness. Let’s spread that love around.

    And when you are spreading that kindness around don’t forget to direct it to yourself as well. I find most people are MUCH too hard on themselves.

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