• Quote by Anais Nin

    This is a good reminder that the way we see the world is shaped by our own mental health, cognitive distortions, etc.

    If you are depressed, you have a negative view of yourself, the world and your future. And you will filter all of what you see and do through that belief and it will color how you see the world.

    If you have grown up in a chaotic, neglectful, or toxic home, you are likely to see the world as unsafe and yourself as unsafe.

    It is important to remember that in moments when things seem overwhelming or you doubt yourself and your abilities, to remember that this perception may be skewed and you likely have more options and more abilities than you are seeing or giving yourself credit for.

    Learning the ways that you distort your thinking based on your history is incredibly important. That is why having a good therapist who can help you to identify these distortions and help you to change them.

    In my experience, if there has been developmental or attachment trauma, it is often insufficient to simply talk things out to achieve change. It is important to change how your brain and nervous system hold this information. That is why EMDR Therapy is so amazing. In future posts I will be sharing more about EMDR, but for now if you are interested, check out the link in my bio to learn more.

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