• Quote by Andre Gide

    Oh, the angst and heartache that comes from comparisons.

    If you find it hard to refrain from comparing this moment to past moments, or hopes for future moments, you are not alone.

    That is why I chose Sadie for the photo on this post, dogs are wonderful examples of being able to achieve this way of moving through the world.

    Sadie does not fret that this day will be better or worse than yesterday, she is fully present and in this moment, which allows her to be utterly happy.

    Although this way of being does not come naturally to most of us, due to how our brains are wired and how we are socialized, it is worth the effort to learn.

    Meditation and mindfulness exercises can help with this, engaging in activities in which you can lose yourself – art, listening to music, doing yoga, dancing, whatever it is, all of these can help you be in the moment and connect to moments of happiness.

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