• Quote by Andrea Gibson

    I think this is a common misperception, that those who are brave have no fear. But it is the very presence of the fear and the ability to decide to do it anyway that makes someone brave.

    So many of the folks that I live with have been hurt by those they love, in a very real and damaging way. They have been abused, neglected or unseen by their family. They are wounded and seeking to heal that damage. And even so, many have the courage to allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to love. That is amazing and inspiring.

    Many of the LGBTQIA+ folks I work with have also been hurt by those they love and have been harmed by a toxic society. Yet the have the bravery or are learning the bravery to be who they are in the world. They are choosing to love and validate themselves and their experience. This is amazing and humbling.

    To love takes bravery. To be ourselves and show ourselves in all our flawed, messy glory takes an incredible amount of bravery. You are inspiring.

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