• Quote by Aristotle

    Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck because you want to avoid criticism, or having people dislike you? Did you grow up in a family situation where it was not safe to be criticized because it came with serious consequences, like being hit or verbally torn down or being ostracized? When you grow up in a family like that it can be next to impossible to learn to be yourself without fear of criticism.

    So many of the folks that I work with feel their choices in life are dictated by what others will think of them. This is natural given how they were raised. It is even more understandable for my LGBTQIA+ folks given the way society may respond to them. That being said, when we live our lives based on what others will think we have given away all our power. Judgement and criticism can’t be avoided, but we can learn how to be okay within ourselves, despite of what others think. I want to help folks learn to be something, to be able to say and do what they want and how they want because their lives and choices are just as valid as anyone else’s.

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