• Quote by Audre Lorde


    There is so much truth and pain reflected in this quote. It speaks to how terrifying it can be to speak our truth, especially if that truth relates to abuse, to being different than others. There are often valid reasons to be fearful of speaking the truth, because it has not been welcomed, because it has been denied, or because it has led to backlash.

    However, in my experience of working with folks who have been abused and neglected and/or who identify as LGBTQIA, the silence does not actually reduce the fear, it simply means that they are in that fear alone. And unfortunately, this often gets mixed in with shame and guilt.

    As we see through powerful social movements, speaking your truth can help you find a community. Finding ways to speak your truth helps to actually lighten the load of what you are carrying. Finding solidarity with others can be a very empowering experience, even when that solidarity is built on shared pain. Speaking your truth in public is not everyone’s thing, so if it’s not yours, social media or artistic expression are perfect examples of other ways to speak your truth.

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