• Quote by Ben Francia

    You are never too old and it is never too late to change your bad habits, your dysfunctional patterns and find a healthier, happier way to live.

    Telling yourself that you are too broken, or weak, or lazy, or bad simply keeps you stuck. Those are all old tapes that keep you from taking action and changing things.

    It is not easy, but it just takes a first step, and then another and another.

    When it comes to long standing, entrenched beliefs it is often helpful to get into therapy. That way you can have someone help guide you and offer options and new ways of seeing things.

    If you have tried therapy in the past and found that you gained insight, but did not change behaviors or how you feel, it may be worth looking into EMDR therapy as this is a powerful tool to actually help make those changes, because EMDR therapists are not focused on insight. We focus on helping clear out the things that get in the way of what your brain naturally wants to do, which is to heal itself.

    My passion is helping people learn to let go of the pain of their past, live more fully in the present and develop hope for the future.

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