• Quote by Bill Callahan

    We all make mistakes. In my work, I often find that people feel trapped by these mistakes, like they should be defined by them or that somehow having made a mistake in the past that they cannot change it. But that is simply not true.

    You are never too old, and it is never too late to turn your life around. Often kids who grew up in toxic, unsupportive or abusive households had to develop a number of coping strategies that were not the healthiest. This is not their fault; they were kids and just doing their best to take care of themselves. However, it is fairly common for these adults then to mistake their coping strategies with who they are.

    Just because this is the you have always coped, does not mean it has to always be the way you cope. If you are addicted to something, you can learn to heal the hole in your heart and soul in a different way. I you cope by cutting or burning yourself, you can learn other ways to manage symptoms.

    EMDR Therapy can be incredibly helpful in these situations helping to identify and repair the attachment trauma that often underlies these unhealthy coping strategies.

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