• Quote by Brené Brown

    I have never understood the idea that bravery or strength is about being hard, without pain, without fear, without softness.

    Why would we need bravery or strength unless we already had fear and pain and softness?

    Being truly seen, warts and all, takes bravery. For most of us fear that those warts, those ways in which we are weird or different will alienate others. And it is scary because it is to risk rejection of our truest, most vulnerable selves.

    To be honest about our mental health struggles, our trauma, our disconnect from our families, that takes bravery.

    To be honest about who we truly are and who we love takes bravery, especially when those things are not ‘traditional.’ It is brave to push against and expand cultural expectations and values. It is brave to face your own internalized transphobia, misogyny and homophobia to truly accept yourself.

    To all of you out there who are brave enough to own your story, I salute you.

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