• Quote by Briana West

    Self-care is all the rage these days whether it is ads for yoga, mindfulness, working out, spa days, facials or massages. But self-care is so much more than that and it seems to be reduced to a commodity to buy to make you happy. I think this is why sometimes the folks I work with have such a skewed view of self-care, like its something indulgent and only the bourgeois engage in it.

    But true self care, while it may include these things, goes so much further. It is about doing the things that you need to do for yourself to keep yourself healthy and stable and not constantly miserable or looking for an escape from your life.

    It means putting in the work to create a better, more sustainable life for yourself. Maybe that is some enjoyable things like… And maybe it includes less enjoyable things like eating healthier or reducing the amount of sugar or pasta we eat.

    It may mean getting into therapy to change our negative patterns in our lives, to let go of the pain of our past, or to get a better understanding of who we are and how we want to live our lives, regardless of how society is saying we need to live it.

    And it is also building in moments of joy, fun and contentment, which might include chocolate cake and salt baths

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