• Quote by Bruno Bettleheim

    Interpersonal trauma often comes with shame and keeping secrets.

    Sometimes this is because a person is raised with the idea that you don’t share family business. But often this simply protects the abuser.

    Sometimes this silence is due to the fact that when trauma occurs and the fight or flight system is engaged, then the part of the brain that is responsible for speech goes offline. This means it can be hard to put into words what happened.

    Sometimes this silence is due to direct threats from the abuser. Threats of harming the person directly, harming their loved ones, or harming their pets. Sometimes the threat is that the abuser is all knowing and will know if the person tells. And this threat can become so big in the person’s mind that it is hard to shake even years later, even if the abuser is dead.

    But the silence perpetuates your suffering. Speaking your truth is healing. Tell a friend, tell a therapist, tell a spiritual leader. Tell yourself in story or song. However, you do it, speaking your truth is the key to freedom and healing.

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