• Quote by Buddha

    We are all so much more than the sum or our parts or the body we are born in.

    Who you are in your soul is the truth, regardless of the lies your body may tell you or the world. Just because you were assigned female at birth does not mean that your male truth is any less valid. Just because your body is missing a limb does not mean you are incapable. Just because your body is bigger does not mean you are unhealthy. And just because your skin is black or brown does not mean you are less than or dangerous.

    The human brain is designed to categorize, it is how we make sense of a very complicated world. This is a time saver and quite necessary given how much information our brains have to process each and every moment. However, it gets us into trouble as well when we make assumptions based on visual cues about ourselves and other people. Just because you do this doesn’t make you a bad person, we all do it. That being said, we are also responsible for recognizing that we are prone to mistakes because of this and we are responsible for looking at our biases and pre-conceived notions. Just as you are so much more than the sum of your visible parts, so is everyone you meet. Be mindful of that.

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