• Quote by Charles M. Blow

    This one goes out to all those who wonder why they are struggling in life even though they were not overly abused or physically neglected in childhood.

    It is okay if there is not a clear incident or set of events you can point to for why you have such strong mixed feelings about those who raised you.

    Not being seen, appreciated, loved and validated in a way that met your needs is enough.

    Our parents can have benign and even good intentions and still do great harm. It is okay to acknowledge this.

    It is actually vital in your healing to be able to honor that this is true for you, and that harm was done. No matter if your caregivers tried their best, no matter if you still love them, no matter what your family says or how they think you should feel about it.

    If your needs as a child were not met, it is okay to say so. I am sorry so many will question you or suggest you did not suffer enough to have it validated.

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