• Quote by Colette Lord

    As I have talked about before, our concept of self-care these days is pretty distorted and very skewed towards a boughie.

    But self-care is something we all need to engage in to be healthy, functioning adults. And it may look different for every person.

    Sometimes self-care is about taking care of our physical bodies – making sure we get enough sleep, enough water, enough healthy food.

    Sometimes self-care is about what we do with our time – limiting the news, limiting the mindless scrolling, limiting the amount of time we spend with others who drain our energy.

    Sometimes self-care is about the people in our lives – it is about setting healthy boundaries and sticking to them, it is about finding people who give as well as take.

    Sometimes self-care is about the meaning we make in life – joining in causes that inspire us and also making sure that we do not give more than we have to those causes.

    So, let’s remember, ever self needs care, not just the upper class and those with money. We all need it and can find it in different ways.

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