• Quote by Colette Lord

    Intersex people are born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that don’t fit into our societal constructs of male or female (the gender binary). The outdate and more offensive term you may have heard before is hermaphrodite.

    Some intersex people have a combination of reproductive anatomy, so this might mean having a combination of gonads (ovary and testes).

    Some have a-typical chromosome combinations (XXY – Klinefelter syndrome or XO- Turner syndrome).

    Some have genitalia that are ambiguous, so that it is difficult to categorize their sex. More on this in my next post.

    As you can see, even in nature there are not JUST two categories of sex. That is why it is so surprising to me that in our culture we get so hung up on the idea that this broader view of gender is somehow against nature or some new fad. In fact, this variation has been around sine the dawn of time on a biological level and varying ways of viewing sex and gender beyond the simple male/female binary have been around throughout recorded history and on all continents.

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